A spring clean could mean spring cash

Did you know that the traditional ‘spring clean’ may now be something of the past? According to studies, ninety percent of British homes no longer conduct the annual spruce up.

It might seem a little bit of a cliché and a pointless exercise, as most homeowners probably conduct a thorough house clean at least once every fortnight, but a spring clean could actually save you thousands of pounds each year.

Let us explain.

Due to lack of free time, we rarely have a good clean out anymore. So, our unwanted items, such as unused electrical goods, furniture or (dare I say it) neglected exercise equipment end up taking up valuable space. Getting rid of them could not only create much needed space, it could also raise some cash that could be used for energy saving home improvements.

To help with your clear out we’re offering you £200 for your old boiler as part of our spring scrappage scheme. The scheme gives you £200 off the cost of a new energy efficient boiler from BASI which could save you over £300 a year on your annual energy bills. No brainer, isn’t it?

Looking for a few easier energy saving quick-fixes? Here’s a list we compiled to help:

    • Spring brings with it warmer days and lighter evenings. Use this to your advantage and dry your clothes on a washing line instead of using an energy sapping tumble dryer. This not only saves energy but it makes your clothes smell fresher too!
    • Replace bulbs with energy efficient ones. They’re more expensive but they will more than make up for it in the energy you will save.
    • Turn off the TV (at the wall), pour yourself a glass of wine and read a book – outside. Saving energy and making the most of the (hopefully) nice weather at the same time. Perfect.
    • Get your boiler serviced. You might not be using your boiler as much in the warmer months, but you still need hot water and a bit of warmth sometimes. An inefficient boiler cold cost you more than you think – up to £300 a year you could be wasting. Why not bleed the radiators too to make sure they’re functioning properly and ready for next winter?
    • Take advantage of the lighter evenings by using artificial lighting as little as possible.
    • There’s nothing better than a refreshing cold shower, well, unless it’s cold outside too. It might be a bit early for this one but why not be brave and try it?
    • Turn down the temperature of your water heater. Not only will you save energy, you’ll also avoid burning your hands! (If your boiler is unable to do this, you might need to look at getting a new one).

For more energy saving tips like these follow us on Twitter @basiheating. Alternatively, if you want to discuss taking advantage of our spring scrappage scheme and replacing your old boiler, give us a call on 0800 980 6018 or simply email us at [email protected]. We’ll call you at a time that’s convenient.

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