Save on your energy bills in 2016


Whilst we understand that a boiler isn’t a luxury purchase (you’re not going to treat yourself to one in the January sales), we do realise that it’s a necessity.

We all know that a boiler emergency isn’t something that we naturally prepare for – which can mean we get left with a hefty bill – not something you need so soon after Christmas!
But with resolutions already being broken, why not make one to save energy (and money) this year, and stick to it?

At BASI, we don’t expect you to have pre-empted a breakdown. Nor do we expect you to spend your holiday savings on a replacement. That’s why we offer three ways to pay, to help make life a little easier. It’s the least we can do!

That means the decision is entirely yours.

You can pay in one lump sum, spread the cost over several months, or if you’d prefer you can spread the payments over 1 to 10 years with our Flexible Heating Improvement Plan.

So, whether you want to pay for your new boiler over a year, or even ten, with a fixed 9.9% representative APR you can rest assured that we can get you the deal that’s right for you.

With no upfront cost, repayments from as little as £23 a month and a potential saving of £40 a month on your fuel bills, you could say your new boiler pays for itself!

If you want to discuss replacing your old boiler give us a call on 08009806018 or simply email us at [email protected] and we’ll call you at a time that’s convenient.

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