Annual Boiler Servicing

In order to make sure that your boiler is running efficiently, you need to ensure that it is maintained to the highest standard and that is why at BASI Heating we recommend that property owners have their boiler serviced every year.

Failing to service your boiler can result in unexpected problems such as your boiler running slow or uneconomically or even breaking down due to wear and tear, so to avoid any costly surprises we have created a hassle-free, annual boiler servicing service that can relieve you the possibilities of that happening for one fixed, low price.

Our team of fully Gas Safe registered engineers have been providing a 5-star level of service throughout the Yorkshire and surrounding region for over 25 years, delivering the highest level of professional standard with honest, helpful advice for those that have questions or concerns about their boiler.

Does my new boiler need servicing?

If you have recently had your boiler installed, you will have a manufacturer’s warranty included, however, what many don’t realise is that in order to keep your warranty valid, your boiler needs to be serviced every year.

So regardless of whether you believe that your boiler is running as you would expect, we strongly suggest that you consider having your boiler checked and serviced by the leading name in Yorkshire central heating and boiler installations.

What does a boiler annual service include?

When you book an appointment for your boiler to be serviced, we will dispatch one of our fully Gas Safe registered engineers to your property, arriving on the day that you select, on time and ready to work from the moment that they arrive.

Once our engineer arrives, they will simply require you to show them where your boiler is located and they will begin to assess and conduct tests on your boiler to ensure that it is running safely and efficiently.

During that time, you will see our engineers do the following:

  • Fire the boiler to ensure that no faults are found within your system
  • Remove the casing to check the components inside, cleaning them if required
  • Conduct a flue test to make sure that your boiler emissions are safe
  • Conduct a gas pressure test and a gas tightness survey to ensure that there are no leaks

Once the engineer has completed the servicing of your boiler, they will then ensure that they leave your home exactly as they found it, just as if we weren’t even there, but you’ll have a safe, efficient boiler again.

How much is it to service my boiler?

BASI Heating are committed to ensuring that our prices are competitive and that is why our boiler servicing operates at a single, fixed price of £80.

We also offer boiler insurance cover plans that include the cost of your annual servicing as well as protecting you against other potential boiler issues that start from just £20 per month.

Booking your annual boiler service couldn’t be easier, simply click on the button below to let us know what date and time suits you the best and one of our friendly team will call to confirm that the appointment is set.

Alternatively, call our team directly on 0800 980 6018 and we can arrange the time and date with you immediately.