Smart Technology

Smart Thermostat Installation

The smarter way to heat your home

Save energy and reduce your bills with market leading smart technology.

At BASI Heating, we’re proud to offer our customers the best products at competitive prices. And we’ve spent time researching the latest technology as part of our smart thermostat installation service.

Introducing tado°

The tado° Wireless Smart Thermostat allows you to efficiently manage the temperature of your home from the palm of your hand. Set, monitor, and lower your household’s energy consumption from the app.

Savings from a smart thermostat installation could amount to a 31% reduction of your energy bills.

Use tado° Smart Radiator Thermostats to schedule and control different rooms to exactly how you like them. Cosy bedroom when you go to sleep. Warm bathroom in the morning. No heating when you leave the house.

Stay comfy • Save money • Improved control • Save energy

Control your heating from the tado° app
• Never heat an empty home
• Get optional hot water control
• Set heating around your daily movements
• Get room-by-room controls with tado° Smart Radiator Thermostats
• Works with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and Alexa

What makes tado° smart?

Smart Schedule – Create a personalised heating schedule that only activates if somebody is home.

Open Window Detection
– Get notified and turn your heating down in response.

– Notifies you to turn off the heating when the last person leaves or preheat before you arrive.

Air Comfort
– Get real-time indoor air freshness and humidity updates.

Weather Adaptation
– Automatically adapts to the local weather to save you energy.

Insightful Reports
– See your heating activity, temperature and humidity profiles, and energy savings.

Care & Protect
– tado° monitors your heating system and notifies you of faults, helping you to resolve issues quickly.

Want to know more? Watch this video that introduces tado° in more detail:



Smart thermostat installation takes only a few hours and causes no disruption to your home. The tado Wireless Smart Thermostat is simple to use and our engineers can help you get the best from the technology. We won’t leave until you’re happy you know how to use it.

Are you ready to take control of your heating? Talk to a BASI Heating advisor today.