Central heating

Central heating faults can lead to limited hot water supply as well as inefficient or inactive radiators throughout the property.

Whether it is a faulty pilot light or an unreliable thermostat, our Gas Safe registered engineers have the expertise to identify and resolve the problem quickly.

With BASI you are guaranteed the most affordable repairs on the market, coupled with friendly expert advice and a one year warranty to cover any parts we use in repairing your system.

Magnetic filters

Magnetic filters trap dirt, debris and sludge which can build up in your central heating system. By trapping these foreign bodies, the magnetic filter prevents any associated damage and offers long-term equipment protection which in-turn extends the life of your boiler and optimises the efficiency of your entire central heating system. System efficiency can deliver lower energy bills, carbon reduction and fewer breakdowns.

Installing a magnetic filter is quick and easy and will keep your system running at maximum efficiency. Maintaining it is simple too. We will clean it every time we come to do your annual boiler service, which will ensure it lasts for the life of your boiler.

Power flushing

If your radiators require regular bleeding, your boiler is making more noise than expected or your pump keeps failing, you may need your radiators power flushed.

Using chemicals and the latest flushing machines, this process clears out sludge and debris, leaving your central heating system in full working order.

If you think you could benefit from power flushing, call our trained experts who will be able to give you an accurate quote for power flushing over the phone, by asking just a few simple questions.

BASI can perform any central heating repair, from leaks and faulty radiator valves to boiler breakdowns and pumping issues. To discuss your problem or to book a call out, call us on 08009806018.