Home improvements and renovation ideas for 2021


What home improvements and renovation plans do you have for 2021?

The beginning of the year is the ideal time for planning the projects that will keep us busy, and home improvements are top of the list for many. Everyone in the UK is grappling with more time at home and lots of people are thinking about what they’d like to improve.

It seems UK households have been using the lockdowns to research ideas. On home design platform Houzz, searches for ‘garden rooms’ increased 97% since the previous year. Searches for ‘bathroom ideas’ rose by 91% and ‘bespoke kitchens’ by 51%.

Stats from Homes & Property

What bothers you about your home? The answer will be personal and down to your property. But there are some common areas people look to improve. See the home improvements and renovation ideas that will be keeping people busy in the coming months.

Home improvements and renovation ideas for 2021

1. Gardens and improving outdoor space

The first spring lockdown saw those with gardens making the most of them. Whatever outdoor space people have, they are using it more. Being able to sit outside when the weather allows is hugely beneficial to our wellbeing. Many people are turning their hand to gardening this year, or at least tidying up the outdoor space they have. Luckily, there are loads of small garden ideas on sites like Pinterest and Houzz to get you going.


2. Energy efficiency and greener homes

The more time we spend indoors, the more those bills creep up. Even in warmer weather, we use hot water and electricity. Many homeowners will be looking to improve the efficiency of their home, which could include a new roof, insulation, double glazing, or energy efficient boilers.

There’s no better time to tackle your home’s efficiency. The government is running the Green Homes Grant scheme where you can receive a grant for two-thirds of the cost of energy saving measures up to the value of £5,000! Get full details here.

3. Refreshing your current bathroom

When your bathroom starts to look old and grimy, it doesn’t feel as nice bathing in it. A new bathroom installation is a big undertaking, but there are ways to refresh your current bathroom, including painting the walls or tiles, grouting, sealing, and changing the fixtures and furnishings. You might be surprised at the difference it makes.

4. Sorting and reorganising the kitchen

Cooking and eating meals at home has been one of the only consistent things about the past year. It’s led many of us to think about how our kitchens can be better laid out. There are tons of kitchen storage ideas out there, many of which can be weaved into your current kitchen design. Even a good cupboard clear out can make the world of difference!

5. Changing one small thing

Time and budget are not on everyone’s side. And if your home is rented, you might be limited as to the home improvements and renovations you can make. But even the most subtle change, like new bed sheets or blinds, painting a wall, or reorganising your bookshelves can breathe new life into a room. You could make a list of small, simple changes and tick them off one by one when you find yourself at a loose end.

We hope you’ve been inspired by some of these renovation ideas!

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