10 tips to keep your house warm this winter on a budget


With growing concern about the cost of energy and forecasters predicting a particularly cold one this winter, we put together a list of 10 tips to keeping your home warm – on a budget!

We’re constantly told we need double glazing and loft insulation, but sometimes it’s just a bit too costly. So apart from those more expensive options, what can we do to help keep the cold out this winter without breaking the bank?

1. Clear your radiators

Making sure your radiators are free from clutter and aren’t being covered by a piece of furniture will ensure you feel the full effects of having the heating on and your home will feel much warmer, much quicker.

2. Cover bare floorboards

Get a rug! Floors account for 10% of heat loss if they aren’t insulated. Whilst it might be largely psychological, having a rug on a wooden floor will at least keep your feet warm and make a room feel a little less cold.

3. Shut that door!

This sounds like an obvious one, but making sure you close doors whenever you can will help keep out unwanted drafts and keep the warmth from escaping – keeping it where you need it most (wherever you are).

4. Put a shelf above radiators

Putting a shelf above the radiator, particularly if you have relatively high ceilings, will help the warmth circulate and prevent it rising without warming up your room first.

5. Thick curtains

Thick curtains will help prevent heat from escaping. If you don’t want to invest in new curtains, you can always line your current ones to make them thicker. Curtains aren’t just for windows either! Adding a curtain rail and curtain in front of a door gives you another layer of protection from the cold and will help keep the warmth inside your home.

6. Chimney balloons

‘What on earth is a chimney balloon?’ I hear you ask. If you have an open fireplace that remains unused, you could be getting a serious draft. There’s a huge amount of heat that can be lost through an open fireplace and for around just £20 you can get a chimney balloon that works by inflating inside the chimney to shut out any cold air and keeping the warm air inside! Pretty nifty, eh?

7. Draft excluder

It might sound old fashioned but a draft excluder is a great way to stop heat escaping under doors – especially in older buildings. On a budget? You could even try fashioning one of these yourself for a personal touch.

8. Can’t afford double glazing?

Double glazing too expensive? Maybe your landlord is refusing to replace your windows? You can actually buy a film that you can put across your windows that can imitate the same effect. Apparently bubble wrap can also be used to a similar effect (you might look a bit silly though).

9. Make the most of daylight

Whilst you might feel like hiding away from the outside world when the weather turns, but whatever you do don’t be tempted to close your curtains. Doing so will only keep out the natural light and the natural warmth that brings. So keep your curtains open during daylight and close them when it gets dark!

10. Change your bedding

We love our bed, especially during the winter months when you just can’t seem to get out of it as much as you try. You can make your bed even warmer (it can never be too cosy) by changing your bedding and using thicker bedsheets and a flannel duvet cover and pillow cases. And if all else fails, you can’t beat an old fashioned hot water bottle!

We recommend you service your boiler each year without fail, in order to prevent the unforeseen from happening – especially during the festive season. Our standard boiler service costs just £60, so why not make sure yours is running as it should be giving us a call on 08009806018.

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