Boiler repairs – Here’s how it works

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Boiler repairs – Made straightforward

Discovering you have no heating or hot water is a real pain. But luckily, boiler repairs and replacements are often straightforward.

At BASI, we respond to boiler breakdowns throughout Bradford, Leeds and the rest of Yorkshire, plus well into Lancashire. After over 25 years of service, our boiler repairs have become a smooth and streamlined process.

Here’s how it can typically work:

What they check

On arrival at your property, your engineer will ask you a couple of questions before getting to work. They will check a few things as soon as they arrive:

  • Safety of boiler
  • Obvious faults and blockages
  • Full operational assessment

Your engineer will check the boiler for any obvious signs of fault, such as blockages within the flue or condensate pipe. They’ll also check the boiler is safe and to current regulations. Next, they will assess the operation of the heating and hot water to identify where the fault lies.

What they are looking for

A boiler goes through stages before it starts up and diagnosing a repair involves finding out at which stage the boiler is failing. This allows the engineer to locate the problem. Sometimes visible signs are present, but at other times, further tests are required in order to identify the malfunction.


Typical issues

Various parts can fail on a boiler overtime, especially mechanical parts. Common faults can occur in the:

  • Fan
  • Sensors
  • Diverter valve
  • Pump
  • Circuit board

How easily can these be fixed?

Our engineers keep common parts on their vans, so they can be swapped within an hour of the faulty part being identified. If they don’t have the part on them, in most circumstances they can pick it up from a local supplier and return the same day to replace it.

What are the next steps if the boiler isn’t repairable?

If the problem isn’t repairable, your engineer will talk to you about arranging a replacement boiler as soon as possible. They should be able to provide you with a quotation and possible dates for a new boiler installation, there and then. However, if the replacement is more complex, they may arrange for a heating surveyor to visit you. Once booked, we can have the new boiler installed within 48 hours.

Do you need to speak with us about boiler repairs? Get in touch now on 0800 980 6018 to arrange a call-out.

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