What central heating system is right for my home?


Having the right central heating system for your home enables the whole family to stay warm while saving you money on your household bills.

Most modern homes are now fitted with a gas combination boiler or combi boiler. These systems send hot water to your taps at mains pressure and bypass the need for additional water storage tanks.

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However, not every home is suited to a combi boiler and there are different factors your engineer needs to assess before making their recommendation.

To help give you an idea, here are 3 important things to consider when choosing the right central heating system for your property:


  1. Bathroom demand

If your home has multiple bathrooms that are regularly used, you may be better off with a conventional or heat-only boiler system. As a combi boiler delivers hot water to your taps at mains pressure, so using multiple sources at once may weaken the flow.

However a conventional boiler system stores hot water in a cylinder, giving you access to a pre-programmed amount of hot water that can be used at once without affecting the pressure.


  1. Do you have a gas supply?

Most modern homes have access to a gas supply, however if your home isn’t on the grid you need to consider the alternatives. An engineer will be able to recommend either an oil or biomass boiler system. These systems are just as efficient as gas boilers and work in a similar way, just using a different fuel source.


  1. Size matters

Larger homes with many rooms to heat will need more a powerful boiler. Properties with around 20 radiators will need a 35 to 42kW boiler to provide enough hot water to heat every room, but this can vary depending on how you actually use your home.

Our BASI engineers conduct a free survey to thoroughly assess you home and talk to you about your usage patterns. This enables them to recommend a central heating system that is built around your family life.

We install boilers to suit all homes, from leading manufacturers Vaillant, Worcester Bosch and Vokera. Are you looking to replace your central heating system? Talk to one of our experts and find out what system is best for your home.

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