Discover our Spring Scrappage Scheme

Many people now choose to book their holidays well in advance – giving them longer to pay for it and save for the all-important spending money. We all have something we should be saving for and yet more often than not we put it off.

Maybe you’re saving for something else? A new car perhaps?

What if we told you that with our Spring Scrappage Scheme you could get £400 off a new boiler which could see you start to make savings of up to £500 a year? So if you’re planning a big summer holiday next year that would give you quite a bit of spending money wouldn’t it?

It could even be the down payment on your new wheels. Exciting, eh?

So, what’s the Spring Scrappage Scheme?

In celebration of our 25th year in business we have created a scrappage fund meaning we can now offer you £400 for your old boiler. This means you can get a fully installed brand new boiler for much less than you think!

We can fit our market-leading, energy efficient boilers within 48 hours, and with savings of up to £490 per year on your heating bills, as well as a ten years parts and labour warranty, you can rest assured you’re in safe hands with BASI.

How do you take advantage of it?

Take advantage of our Spring Scrappage Scheme and start making regular savings on your heating bills. Simply give us a call on 08009806018 or drop us an email at [email protected] and find out just how easy it is!

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