Don’t forget about your boiler this summer


In those (ever so slightly) warmer months during British summertime, we can all be guilty of forgetting that big white box that lives in a kitchen cupboard or under the stairs.

Our boilers are our best friends during winter, friends that we most certainly couldn’t live without. But in the summer, it’s a completely different story.

Just because you don’t rely on your boiler as much when it’s a little warmer, doesn’t mean you should neglect it completely. After all, when the winter kicks back in we’ll need our friend more than ever.

With many houses having separate heating boilers or a cylinder for hot water, many of the country’s boilers get turned off completely for a number of months, or with combi boilers the heating function may be switched off for summer.

So after months what happens when you surprise it on a cold night in late September?

Over a period of time out of use, your boiler can accumulate dirt and other deposits making it less efficient when you turn it back on. There might even be pressure issues which can be a direct result of the system having pressure put on the inner workings, or stress placed on parts and pipes – this can in turn result in broken pumps, valves and joints. Not a good start, eh?

Research shows that there are more emergency callouts to boiler breakdowns in early October than at any other point of the year, which is no coincidence.

This is why the summer is the perfect time to get your boiler serviced, making sure you’re prepared for when the cold returns – and with the British weather as it is, that could be sooner than you think!

Keep your boiler in tip-top condition with an annual service from BASI Heating and avoid costly repairs when you need it the most.

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