Boiler Care Checklist: essential care for the winter months

boiler care checklist

With summer drawing to a close, you want to make sure your boiler is in top condition ahead of the winter months when it will be under increased pressure.

Here’s our boiler care checklist to make sure you’re fully prepared:

□ Get a boiler service

An annual boiler service is essential to remove all the accumulated dust and dirt after a long summer of low usage. Without an annual boiler service, your boiler can become slow, uneconomical and could lead to a costly breakdown.

Think your boiler could be heading for a costly breakdown? Read ‘5 signs your boiler is heading for a breakdown’ for the tell-tale signs.

□ Keep your warranty safe

If disaster should strike, you want to know you’re protected by a manufacturer’s warranty. Keep all your documents safe and make sure you book an annual service – this is a stipulation for most warranties.

□ Get a professionals advice

If you spot anything different about your heating when you start using it again, get it checked out by a professional. Do your radiators take longer to warm up? Does your boiler come on at unusual times? These could be signs of a more serious issue – so shouldn’t be ignored.

□ Get a boiler breakdown fixed properly

If your boiler breaks down, don’t be tempted to try and fix it yourself. Call in a professional, otherwise you are likely to do more damage than good and void your warranty.

□ Consider boiler insurance

If your boiler or central heating breaks down suddenly, you could be left out in the cold and out of pocket. Our Smart Care packages mean you’re covered at all times and protected against costly repair bills. Call us day or night and we’ll send one of our 35 local engineers to get things up and running again.


Unexpected breakdowns are costly and disruptive. But look after your boiler, and it will look after you the whole year round.

Need to book a boiler service? It won’t take more than a couple of hours and a standard service with BASI costs just £60. Get in touch now to book your boiler service.

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