5 things that home-movers should check about their new boiler


Moving house is an exciting time and when you’re starting afresh in a new home there’s lots to think about.

Although your new boiler is probably one of the least exciting parts of your move, it is one of the most important and there are a few things you need to sort out.

Read our 5 things you should do to make sure your new boiler is in good health:

  1. Find out key information

You should find out the model of your boiler and how old it is. You also need to make sure you receive all the relevant documents including the Gas Safe Register certificate and any warranty papers.

  1. Get a boiler service

Either before or after you move in it’s a good idea to get a boiler service. Your engineer will make sure your new boiler is in good shape and give the system a thorough clean to prevent any breakdowns due to wear and tear.

If it is an unfamiliar system, a service will also give you chance to ask any questions you may have and find out how to use all of the boiler controls effectively.

  1. Arrange a free survey

If you have quite an old system, it’s a good idea to have a survey carried out. An engineer will assess your current system and make any relevant recommendations for improving it. They may advise that your system is old, inefficient and costly to run. They will also be able to tell you around how much it would cost to replace your system in the future, just so you’re prepared.

  1. Consider boiler cover

Whether your system is old or relatively new, boiler cover is the only way to ensure you aren’t stung down the line by the cost of an unexpected breakdown. With plans from as little as £15 per month (inclusive of an annual servicing worth £65), it makes sense to plan ahead and save yourself money.

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  1. Take your meter reading

Finally, when you move in it’s a good idea to take a meter reading just to ensure that you aren’t charged for the previous owner’s usage. Then set your controls and you’re good to go!


Are you moving home and want a bit of advice about your new system? Contact our customer services team on 0800 980 6018 to arrange your free survey.

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