How does a new boiler save you money?


How does a new boiler save you money?

The Energy Saving Trust estimates the savings at about £340 a year (and 1,500kg of carbon monoxide) when changing from an old boiler to an A-rated boiler.

But how does a new boiler save you money? Where are the savings being made?

Save money every day with an energy-efficient boiler

The reason a new boiler reduces your gas bill is that it uses gas more efficiently, converting more gas to heat. Your money goes further towards heating your home and water. Boiler ratings explain how much gas is converted to energy, and the efficiency ratings are as follows:

A – 90% and above

B – 86-90%

C – 82-86%

D – 78-82%

E – 74-78%

F – 70-74%

G – below 70%

An A-rated boiler wastes less than 10% of the energy it uses. But a G-rated boiler can waste more than 30% of the gas you’ve paid for. This is a loss of £30 for every £100 energy bill you receive.

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cost of unexpected boiler repairs

Limit the cost of repairs

Not only does an old and inefficient boiler cost money every day through wasted energy, but it is more likely to breakdown.

Having a new boiler installed means you have a more reliable central heating system that’s less prone to glitches and breakdowns, even during the winter months.

Your new boiler benefits from a manufacturer’s warranty, covering any faults for up to 10 years (depending on the model). Getting a new boiler is a great time to invest in boiler cover, meaning you’ll never be hit with hefty repair bills. Parts, labour, and annual servicing are often included.


In conclusion – how does a new boiler save you money?

The answer is two-fold. You save money every day on your bills by using the gas you pay for more efficiently. And you save throughout the boiler’s lifetime by having a reliable and well-maintained system that leads to fewer breakdowns and repairs.

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