Start saving this January with a brand new boiler – for just £23

Do you have any New Year’s resolutions for 2017?

We’d hazard a guess that splashing out on a new boiler isn’t one of them, but saving money on your household bills might be.

And that’s where having an energy efficient boiler can really pay off. Yes, it might seem like an expense you can do without, but it’s an expense that can actually save you money in the long-run.

Install an energy efficient boiler and you could cut your annual energy bills by as much as 35% and save yourself up to £263 a year. Just think what those savings could mean to you and your family during 2017.

What’s more, thanks to our flexible payment plans, you can get a new energy efficient boiler right away without having to save up for it. Sounds like a positive way to begin the new year doesn’t it?

From just £23 a month, our plans are available in two options:

OPTION 1: 12 months’ interest free credit

OPTION 2: 5 or 10 year low rate loan

The total cost of your boiler is divided over 12 months, with no interest, deposit or additional charges. The total cost of your boiler is divided over 5 or 10 years, with 0.79% interest per month and no deposit or additional charges.

Both of our payment plans include the opportunity to repay the loan in full at any time without repayment penalties or paying any interest on the remainder of your balance.

And if you do choose a new boiler with BASI, our 5 star installation service makes the process as straightforward and stress free as possible. That’s why our customers have rated us Yorkshire’s number one for heating services on Trustpilot.

To find out how we make your boiler installation simple every step of the way, take a look at our 5 star installation service plan.

Want to get the New Year off to the right start by saving money on your energy bills? Contact our customer services team on 0808 115 0285 to arrange your free survey.


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