Mythbusting: plastic film on your windows is an effective alternative to double glazing


For homes that are without double glazing, plastic insulation film can offer a useful alternative. If you live in a rented property or have original windows to preserve, insulation film is a temporary and economical way keeping in more heat.

It works by trapping a section of air between the glass window-insulation-kitwindow and the air in your room, insulating the window and preventing too much warm air being lost to the outside. Applied to the window frame – not the glass itself – the film can be pulled taught until it is barely visible.

Although this method is much cheaper than double glazing, it is by no means as effective and will need removing to open your windows again during the spring and summer, so is only temporary. It should be seen as a measure to take only when double glazing isn’t an option.

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Plastic insulation film can be bought at most DIY stores and installed simply yourself by following the instructions or following online tutorial videos.

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