Introducing… the future of smart technology

Smart technology has been around for a while now.

And most of us will be aware of the potential savings gained by taking control of our everyday central heating usage.

But not many people are aware of just how far modern smart technology can go when it comes to monitoring and reducing your energy consumption.


The Nest Learning 3rd Generation smart thermostat

The Nest Learning is a new breed of smart thermostat. Yes, it gives you remote control of your heating via an App. But it also goes further by actually learning and adapting to your schedule without programming. How does it do this, exactly?


Well, there are a few key features…

  • Motion sensors notice when your home is empty and turn off your heating
  • The software learns your heating routine and makes amendments for you
  • It heats up your home before you arrive
  • It finds out the local weather and adapts to any changes
  • You can turn it up or down at the touch of a finger – remotely or from home

The App also allows you to review and change your preferences based on reports of your usage. For instance, if you were worrying you’d had your heating on too high for a period of time, you could log in and see how much energy you’d actually used during this period.

This level of access is really empowering as it enables you to track what you’re using in real time, making it much more straightforward to monitor your consumption effectively.

Protection for your home with Nest Protect

Nest have gone one step further with their smart technology range and expanded it to also cover smoke and carbon monoxide detection.


Nest Protect gives you the power to monitor, silence and review alerts from your smoke and CO2 alarm from the palm of your hand. And, in terms of the alarms warning signals, it tells you what the problem is and where.

Gone is the ambiguous, irritating bleeping (that we all know only too well) and in its place is a clear warning system that alerts you to the specific type of danger being picked up. At a glance, Nest Protect…

  • Thinks and speaks to tell you what the danger is
  • Notifies your phone when the alarm is sounded
  • Can be silenced from your phone Via the App
  • Includes CO sensors to detect carbon-monoxide gas
  • Differentiates between dangers by sensing fast and slow burning fires

Much thought, time and effort has gone into designing this generation of smart technology and it really shows in the finished products. The systems have been built around our daily lives, making it easier and more accessible to keep your home safe and energy efficient.

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