What are the best settings for a Worcester combi boiler?

What are the best settings for a Worcester combi boiler?

This really depends. The best settings for any boiler are those matched to your daily routines. Setting your central heating for when you’re at home is the most efficient way of heating it. However, there is some general advice that can help you use your boiler more efficiently.

To get the best from your Worcester Bosch boiler, you should…

  • Adjust the heating to a comfortable temperature (typically between 18-23°)
  • Set timer to turn on your heating at the times you’re home
  • Set the water temperate to between 60-65°

Contrary to the belief that keeping your heating on low all the time is energy efficient, it’s actually much better to have your heating on for the periods you’re at home and awake. All boilers are fitted with time controlled thermostats, so you can set your heating around your daily routines.


Setting the boiler controls on a Worcester combi boiler

There will be variations between models, but most Worcester combi boiler thermostats work on a principle of selecting the hours you want the radiators to be on from a 24 hour clock. You’ll also need to specify what temperature you want your central heating at when it does come on.

Turning your heating down by even 1% can reduce your energy consumption by as much as 10%, so it’s worthwhile thinking what temperature you need to feel comfortable. In winter, most people have their heating set at around 18-21° or around 21-23° for those who feel the cold more.

Take a look at this short video for more information:

Heat your home from the palm of your hand

Smart thermostats, like the Nest Learning Thermostat, enable you to control your heating remotely from a mobile app. The system also includes easy to use smart controls, which allow you to set the temperature of different rooms.

The smart controls mean even if your plans change, you can adjust your heating settings accordingly, meaning you rarely waste energy. Smart heating technology is by far the most efficient and convenient way of heating your home.

Smart thermostats are incredibly easy to install. Find out more about smart technology.

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