What Is Green Deal And How Can It Save You Money?

The Green Deal Efficiency scheme enables homeowners to make energy- efficient improvements to their homes without paying any upfront fees.

The applicants pay for the installation of their boilers through the savings they make via their electricity bill. This scheme is not just applicable to homeowners, but it extends to landlords, private tenants as well as business owners who can also benefit from it.

Green Deal Pay From Savings

A Green Deal assessor will need to visit your home to determine your eligibility under the scheme, if approved, you can then contact an approved installer to make an appointment for the installation. Your electricity supplier will pass your repayments on to Green Deal provider and the repayments will be itemized on your bill, so it’s easy to keep track of how much you have repaid. It is worth bearing in mind that the amount you pay back each month or quarter will be less than the savings an average household would make through improved energy efficiency, it’s therefore very likely that you will actually save money rather than have additional expenses to cover.

Is Green Deal A Personal Loan

Some people mistake Green Deal financing for a personal loan; however, this is not the case. If you decide to relocate, the new residents will benefit from the increased energy-efficiency of the property, and therefore, the outstanding balance of your Green Deal finance remains attatched to the electricity bill of the property, the new residents automatically become liable for any outstanding repayments.

What Improvements Does Green Deal Cover?

Green deal funding is also available for loft and cavity wall insulation, boilers and solar panel installations. According to the Energy Saving Trust, homes that are not properly insulated can lose up to 25 per cent more heat through the roof and 30 per cent more heat through the walls. By opting for external wall insulation and loft insulation, you will see a significant reduction in your energy bills.

Solar Power Can Be A Great Investment

Solar panels are ideal for carbon emission reduction of homes and they offer sustainable energy generation. Solar panels can be slightly more expensive but since the government allows you to sell any excess energy you produce to the grid, you could actually make around £7,700 in profit over a twenty year period according to the department of energy and climate change. This amount is pure profit after deducting the outlay for installation of the solar panel system.

Boilers are the next biggest consumer of electricity in homes and many were designed before the carbon emission monitoring came about. Green deal Boiler replacement offers huge savings on your utility bill and as many older boilers are “G” rated in energy efficiency, this makes them a great option for green deal finance.

There are numerous types of electrical appliances available today that can make a big difference to your energy bills. As lots of properties are still fitted with old back boilers that are usually connected to an integral gas fire, they can be inefficient to use. Oftentimes, large quantity of water is stored in the tank without it ever being used. This is why it is highly recommended that you install an energy-efficient boiler in order to save money.

Modern condensing combi-boilers are up to 90 per cent more efficient as they only warm the water whenever necessary. This means there is no need to store large amount of water in the tank. These water heaters have a recovery feature, which takes the heat from gas flue and then reuses this energy to supply the entire central heating system.

When you replace your old boiler with an energy-efficient one, there will be fewer repairs or maintenance required with better reliability. There will be no need to call the gas engineers for winter breakdowns. What’s more, these new boilers require less maintenance as they use less energy and you won’t have to search everywhere for new parts.

In 2013, a number of regulations have been introduced to help protect consumers. 5-year warranties for all boiler installations and 25-year warranties for loft and wall insulation are some of these regulations. Such protection has been put in place to give consumers assurance and confidence in the Green Deal scheme.


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