Why you can’t afford to put off having a boiler service

boiler service

With summer drawing to a close, it’s the perfect time for a boiler service. Going into winter you want to be sure your boiler isn’t going to let you down, whilst keeping your energy bills to a minimum.

Here’s why having a boiler service now will save you money this winter:

Prevent your boiler becoming slow and un-economical

Your boiler is constantly running throughout the year, so it needs an annual service to make sure it’s running at full capacity. If it begins to become tired, the system will start to run inefficiently and your gas bill will go up as a result. A BASI engineer will take your boiler apart and check that all the components are working as they should.

Get rid of dust and dirt

Over the summer months when you’re using your central heating less dust, dirt and grime will gather in within the system. It is important for an engineer to carefully clean the inner components during a service to prevent it causing damage to the boiler in the long run.

Avoid a costly breakdown

As well as keeping your boiler running efficiently, a service will flag any minor issues which may result in a costly breakdown in the future. Putting off any maintenance until a breakdown occurs will result in a costly repair job and a cold home for up to few days!

Prevent a gas or carbon monoxide leak

Most breakdowns are simply inconvenient, however they can be dangerous. If you aren’t getting your boiler serviced you run the risk of a potential carbon monoxide or gas leak going unnoticed. These can be incredibly dangerous – read our blog on what to do in a gas leak for more information.

Prepare for the increased strain of winter

Getting a boiler service now while you are still using your boiler less means that you have peace of mind that you are going into the colder months with a strong and efficient heating system. Once you start needing your central heating on every day, you can be sure you are getting the very best from your boiler.

Need to book a boiler service? It won’t take more than a couple of hours and a standard service with BASI costs just £60. Get in touch now to book your boiler service.

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