Mythbusting: should I leave the central heating on all day to save energy?

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A common myth is that having your central heating on very low all day is more efficient than turning the heating on and off.

But this may not be necessarily true, and according to Money Saving Expert, it’s actually better to have your heating on only when you need it.

It’s unavoidable that some heat will escape from your house while your heating is on, wasting energy. So leaving it on all the time will increase the amount of energy being wasted throughout the day.

Equally, blasting your heating for short periods will use lots of energy, especially if you are reheating your home several times a day.

Having your heating on at a regular temperature during the times you need it is probably the best option. Perhaps set it to come on an hour before you come home, and go off an hour before you leave, dependent on your routine.



Have you heard of smart technology? A smart thermostat enables you to control your heating remotely from your smart phone or tablet, allowing you to manage your energy usage anytime, anywhere.

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