Why you need to think about your central heating in summer


It feels like summer is finally here. The sun is out, the smell of barbequing is in the air and the first patches of burn are beginning to appear on peoples’ shoulders. So, now’s the perfect time to begin thinking seriously about your central heating usage. Wait, what?

You heard right. Summer is the perfect time to think about saving on your central heating for the year ahead. Why, you ask?

Well there are a few good reasons why:

REASON #1: Save hundreds with a scrappage scheme

Summer scrappage schemes offer you money for your old boiler when you have a new one installed.

We’ve teamed up with leading manufacturer Vaillant to give you a whopping £400 towards your new boiler when you have an energy efficient model installed in its place.

Not only will you save significantly on the initial cost, but you’ll then be set to save money on your monthly bills well ahead of autumn.

REASON #2: Give your central heating some respite

After a long, hard winter, the warmer weather provides us with the perfect opportunity to make sure everything is working as it should be.

Dust, dirt and grime will have built up in your system during the winter months and a quick service of your central heating will help clear all this away with minimal hassle.

REASON #3: Do it all without disrupting your home

Although new boiler installations can usually be completed within a day, there will be points where you will lose access to hot water and heating. Having a new boiler installed, or simply getting work done on your current central heating system, becomes even simpler when you’re not having to worry about the cold weather.

Think about it – you’re sitting on the patio outside with a drink and our engineers are indoors preparing your home to save money for rest of the year and beyond. What could be more sensible?

We install boilers to suit all homes, from leading manufacturers Vaillant, Worcester Bosch and Vokera. If you’re looking to replace your boiler, why not talk to one of our experts and we’ll arrange a free, no obligation survey to assess your current system.

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