A step by step guide to your smart thermostat installation

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There are dozens of ways a smart thermostat will help make your life easier, not least of which is saving you money on your energy bills.

But, does a smart thermostat installation just seem like one of those added hassles you could do without?

Well, the process takes under 2 hours and is actually incredibly simple. So simple, in fact, that we were able to summarise it into these 5 easy steps:

1. Find out whether your current boiler is compatible

Smart thermostats are compatible with most boilers, including thermostat controlled combi boilers and conventional boilers. There may be some exceptions with particularly old models, but a short conversation with one of our heating advisors will confirm whether or not a smart thermostat installation is possible.

2. Choose your model

Once it’s confirmed that your boiler is compatible, a heating advisor will help you select the model that’s best for you home. There are a range of models that offer slightly different features.

For those wanting to knuckle down on their energy usage, the nest 3rd gen has advanced reporting features and the Honeywell evohome is ideal for larger homes due to its ability to control radiators in individual rooms.

3. Removing your old thermostat

Although replacing your thermostat is simple, it’s a job for a trained professional. The first thing they will do is switch off your system and disconnect your old wall mounted thermostat, leaving the wiring exposed in order to install your new thermostat in the same place.

4. Position and wire up your new thermostat

Placing your smart thermostat in the same position bypasses the need for time-consuming (and costly) rewiring. Your engineer will simply attach your new thermostat to the existing wires and neatly fix it to the wall.

5. Connect and set up

Once wired up and switched on, your smart thermostat will need to be connected to the Wi-Fi and set up. This includes adding information on temperature preferences and confirming details like time zones and property size. A BASI engineer will do this for you to save time and avoid you having to battle with the instruction manual.

6. Programme your usage

Once installed and working, your engineer will go through how to work your new smart meter and help you set up your initial heating schedule. From this point you will be able to download and connect the app, giving you complete control to begin amending and using your heating as required.

From arranging your appointment, the installation should take no longer than two hours and you will be set up to start saving from the moment your smart thermostat is switched on.

Do you think your family could save with a smart thermostat? Talk to one of our team and arrange a survey, or call us on 0800 980 6018 for more information.

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