Energy saving in the palm of your hand with the Vaillant vSMART app

We save the most energy when we match our usage to the patterns of our daily lives. With busy weeks and changing schedules, this can be tricky to keep up with.

A timer setting might be useful some of the time, but what about when we go out for the evening? Or arrive home earlier than expected? This is when our routines get disrupted and you might end up sat in the cold until it warms up or blasting the heating for a quick – and costly – hour or so.

Vaillant vSMART gives you the power to control your boiler and heating from your mobile or tablet using a simple app. You can set the temperature of your home and hot water, from anywhere, anytime, meaning your heating can be matched perfectly to how you use your home.

Compatible with the entire range of ecoTEC Vaillant boilers, the vSMART app is self-learning and gets to know you, adjusting to your usage. You can programme in holidays and times you will be away, and it uses weather data to measure the outside temperature, letting you know how much energy it will take to keep your home warm.

Don’t have a Vaillant boiler? We supply smart thermostats to fit different boiler models.

All this means that you are making sure that no energy is wasted when you aren’t there to use it, and you make sure your heating up your home to an efficient level whenever you need to.

You are able to use the app from different devices, meaning the whole family can have access. And you can even manage different boilers from the same app, making it ideal if you own more than one property or business addresses.

Want to know more? Read our previous blog on smart thermostats, or get in touch to see how a Vaillant vSMART could save you money on your energy bills.

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