Smell gas? What to do with a potential gas leak

If you can smell gas or think there might be a gas leak it is important to react quickly to avoid a potential fire or explosion.

To stay safe in a potential gas leak you should:

  • Put out any naked flames such as a hob, oven or candles
  • Do not smoke or light anything
  • Do not turn any lights, electric switches or appliances on or off
  • Open all the doors and windows
  • Stay outside in the fresh air as much as possible

For any suspected gas leak, you should turn off your gas supply at the meter.

The gas meter is often in a box on the outside of the house, but it may be under the stairs, beneath the kitchen sink or in the garage. Once located, switch the gas off by turning the handle a quarter turn to leave it 90 degrees from the gas pipe.

Then contact the Gas Service Emergency Line on 0800 111 999 who will respond to your suspected gas leak and advise you what to do next.

To prevent a gas leak, you need to keep your boiler maintained and check for faults.

Regular servicing keeps your boiler in good working condition, and allows any potential faults which could cause a gas leak to be picked up on and fixed.

To prevent a potential gas leak by making sure your boiler is healthy, book a boiler service from BASI today by calling 08009806018 or emailing us at [email protected].

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