Why choose a combi boiler?

Combi boilers are the most popular type of boiler installed in homes across the UK, and are increasingly replacing conventional boilers which require a cylinder and a tank.

The popularity of combi boilers is down to a few different things. Here are the main reasons why people choose a combi boiler for their home:

You get an unlimited supply of hot water when you need it

Combi boilers heat water straight from the mains, so you get as much hot water as you need, whenever you need it. Because there isn’t a separate hot water tank, there’s no option for water to run out, and you won’t be waiting for the tank to refill before you can access hot water again.

Hot water is delivered at mains pressure

Because water is delivered through your combi boiler at mains pressure you benefit from a strong and high-pressure water supply. For showers this means that you are likely to get a much stronger flow of hot water – and a more enjoyable shower!

Save money on your energy bills

Replacing an old and tired boiler is always going to save you money on your energy bills, as a newer model will be in better condition. Replacing it with a combi boiler means you get a new boiler which also has a more energy efficient design.

Their condensing abilities mean they reuse heat lost to the system, and there are no heat losses through external water tanks. To put it simply, combi boilers convert more of the gas you pay for into actual heat, saving you money on your gas bill while keeping you warm.

Simple and space efficient installation

As well as being more energy-efficient, combi boilers use up less space than conventional heating systems. There’s no need for bulky water tanks, storage heaters or additional shower pumps – everything works through one system with one boiler. Hence the name ‘combination’ boiler!

Installing a combi boiler will benefit your purse as well as the comfort of your home. It’s a big decision so why not talk to us about it? We can help you find the ideal combi boiler for your home.

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