Top five ways a smart thermostat could benefit your home

Nest smart thermostat

Having a smart thermostat installed enables you to remotely manage your central heating, and can save you money on your utility bills. But how does it work? And is a smart thermostat worth the investment?

Here’s our top five ways a smart thermostat could benefit your home:

Control your heating from the palm of your hand, anytime, anywhere

Our busy lifestyles mean we are often juggling a number of different schedules. A timed boiler that runs like clockwork might not always reflect your actual weekly patterns, and certainly doesn’t account for any changes.

Working late for an evening? Staying out for a spontaneous meal? Or coming back from holiday in the middle of the night?

Smart technology allows you to set your heating remotely; all you need is an internet connection. You’ll never be caught out and have the ability to adjust your heating to your actual activity.

Stay one step ahead of the weather

Living in Britain, we’re all used to the temperamental weather – and now your boiler can be too. Smart thermostats have the ability to adapt to the weather outside, and alter your heating to compensate.

April snowstorm? Or an Indian summer heatwave in October? Your smart thermostat will register and adjust your usual pattern to account for the change, keeping your home just how you like it come rain or shine.

Save money on your energy bills

As well as making your life simpler, remote access to your heating will save you money. Smart heating technology allows you to track your usage in order to keep it in check, helping you to reduce your utility bills if you start to notice them creeping up.

Remote access means no waste. Forgotten to switch off before heading out for the weekend? No problem, you can switch it off from your phone and set it up to come on half an hour before you arrive home.

Heating tailored to how you use your home

If you have a large house or rooms you don’t use that often, a smart thermostat is ideal for levelling out your energy usage. The ability to control the temperature of individual rooms and radiators means you aren’t wasting energy heating the rooms you don’t use.

No fuss fitting

A smart thermostat is quick to install, and simply connects up with your existing boiler and central heating system in order to get to work. They can be attached to the wall for easy access, or sit discreetly on a bookshelf.

Your installer will teach you how to use your smart thermostat, and explain how you can get the best out of all its features.

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