7 energy saving quicks wins to save you money

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As our central heating is switched back on, we start to see our monthly bills creeping back up. But there are things that can be done to save energy and keep your usage to a minimum.

Here are our 7 quick wins for saving energy and money on your gas bill:

  1. Banish those drafts

Draft excluders are a cheap and simple way to prevent heat being sapped away and soft furnishings like curtains and cosy carpets will better insulate your windows and floors.

  1. Clear your radiators

Avoid placing furniture directly in front of radiators and try to keep them clear. This will allow heat to circulate better, heating your rooms more efficiently


  1. Tin foil for your radiators

Placing tin foil on the wall behind your radiators can reflect heat back into the room. This is particularly useful on radiators attached to external walls to ensure heat isn’t lost outside.

  1. Secondary film glazing

Applying plastic film to the inside of your windows is a quick way to better insulate your windows and offers a cheap alternative to double glazing. A pack to cover an average sized house would only cost around £10-15.

  1. Get smart with your controls

Having a smart thermostat or room thermostat installed can help you better manage the temperature of your home so you’re not using your heating when you don’t need to be.

We install smart thermostats from Nest and Honeywell. Read more about the benefits of smart technology in our blog ‘Top 5 ways a smart thermostat could benefit your home’.

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  1. Get free insulation

The Government offer grants to insulate your home. This includes loft, cavity and solid wall insulation and will help you heat your home more efficiently – for free.

  1. Care for your boiler

Having an annual boiler service is essential for making sure your central heating is running efficiently. Dust and dirt will accumulate in the system throughout the year, causing it to run inefficiently and wasting money.

Our standard boiler service costs just £60 and will ensure your boiler is in good working order ahead of winter.

If your central heating costs are still mounting, it could be time for a new energy efficient boiler. A new boiler from BASI could save you up to 35% on your monthly bills and with boilers from as little as £23 per month, your new boiler could be paying for itself.

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