Mythbusting: does covering your radiators increase your central heating bills?

central heating

Radiators can be unsightly things, but they are an essential feature of our homes. Often people choose to cover their radiators, either as a design feature or due to space restrictions within a room.

In both cases, this should be avoided where possible. Although your central heating will be running exactly the same, boxing in your radiators – whether with heavy furniture or a purpose build cover – traps in air and prevents heat from circulating throughout the rest of the room.

This will cause your room to feel less warm and may result in you turning up the heating to compensate – costing you more money. If you do have to place furniture against a radiator, try and leave a gap of a few centimetres to allow more heat to circulate.

Interestingly, having a shelf above your radiator actually throws hot air back into the room, preventing it from rising straight to the ceiling and helping your room warm up more quickly. So if you are want to make better use of your space, or distract from an unsightly radiator, a shelf is the way to do it.


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