How do you get a lower central heating bill?


With Christmas around the corner, every penny counts – and that includes our central heating costs. So how do you stay cosy and keep your heating bill to a minimum this winter?

Well, there are a few things you can do. We picked 6 ways you can help to reduce your central heating costs this winter:

  1. Switching providersuSwitch estimate switching gas providers could save you anything up to £679 per year on your gas bill. So if you haven’t already switched, it’s worth comparing to see what’s out there.
  2. Paying by direct debit – if you aren’t already, make sure you pay your monthly bill by direct debit rather than cash or cheque, as energy suppliers provide a discount to customers paying this way.
  3. Invest in a new energy efficient boiler for winter – a new boiler could save you up to 35% on your energy bills every month. At BASI we offer market leading boilers from as little as £23 per month, making it simple for you to start benefitting from your new boiler right away.
  4. Get smart with your timings – it makes no sense to have your central heating on when you’re out or asleep, so it’s important to use your timer settings. A smart thermostat offers a simple and effective way of limiting energy wastage by monitoring your usage.

Read more about the benefits of smart technology in our blog ‘Five ways a smart thermostat could benefit your home’

  1. Hot water storage – if you have a hot water cylinder, heat the water up to around 65° in the morning and – if your tank is well insulated enough – your water should stay hot all day. If you have an energy efficient combi boiler, you won’t need a storage heater at all as water is heated straight from the mains.
  2. Turn your heating down a couple of degrees – this one might seem obvious, but according to, turning your heating down by even 1° could save you nearly £85 a year – a difference in temperature that you probably wouldn’t be able to notice.

All these methods will help to minimise the amount of money you spend on energy, but there are also ways you can better conserve the energy you do use in order to make it go further. Read our blog ‘7 energy saving quick wins’ to find out how to better set up your home to conserve energy.

Want to save a further 35% this winter with an energy efficient boiler? Call our customer service team on 0808 159 6131 or email [email protected] to arrange your free survey.

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