Mythbusting: It’s more efficient to heat one room with a gas fire than with central heating


It’s often thought that having a gas fire in your living room (or the room you spend most of your time in) is a sensible way of conserving energy for where you are going to feel the benefit. But this is only true if you have an old central heating system with non-adjustable radiators.

Central heating is more efficient to run than a gas fire. So if you have adjustable radiators, it’s better to turn the radiator temperature up in the room you’re using, and down in the other rooms. That way you’re still going to feel warmer, but won’t be wasting energy on empty rooms.

Of course, having a gas fire can work better in everyday life; you might not always remember to adjust your radiators and if you have lots of different rooms it could become a hassle. Gas fires can be a nice feature and although they might not be as efficient as your central heating, they’re certainly more economical than an electric fire.

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