What’s the cost of unexpected boiler repairs to the UK?

Boiler repairs are an inconvenience at the best of times but now that the cold weather is upon us, they can be a complete nightmare.

The average boiler repair costs households £235.37 and if multiple parts are required, this number can quickly rise above £500. Throw in the risk of an old boiler collapsing under the increased winter strain and you’ve got a recipe for financial disaster.

So how do you protect against the risk of an unexpected boiler repair?

Well, there are two things you can do.


  1. Get a boiler service

Without annual servicing, boilers can become uneconomical and costly to fix. A boiler service will help to catch any potential issues before they have the chance to cause any serious problem.

An engineer will check for faults, test for leaks and measure the pressure, as well as cleaning core internal components to prevent the built up of dirt and grime.

Our boiler services start from as little as £60 and are a stipulation of most boiler warranties.


  1. Get a cover plan

All boilers are going to encounter difficulties at some point but a cover plan plans ahead for this inevitability. Our Smart Care packages have been designed to suit different needs and budgets, however all options include boiler repair, replacement and an annual service – with no excess to pay.

A cover plan gives you peace of mind that if something should happen, any repairs will be handled quickly and effectively, at no cost to you.

Want to make sure you’re protected against any unexpected repairs this winter? Talk to one of our friendly team on 0808 159 0738 or email [email protected] for more information.

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