Guide: How to switch energy providers


According to Uswitch, switching energy provider could save you up to £618 a year

Although it might seem like a pain, switching energy provider takes a matter of minutes. All you need is the name of your provider and tariff, and a bill for details of your usage.

So, ready to switch?

Good, here’s what you need to do:

Switching energy providers

1. Check if any leaving fees apply

Take a look at your current policy and find out if any leaving fees apply. If you are on a fixed rate tariff there are likely to be charges for leaving before the arranged time. Providers should now be allowing you to leave up to 49 days early, so it may be worth holding fire until you are exempt.

2. Compare new providers

Visit a comparison site where you will be asked to enter some details on your current policy and usage. You will then get a good idea of prices across the current market.

3. Choose your switch

Find a well-priced quote and do a bit of research on the policy and provider, making sure you pay attention to the small print for details such as increases and leaving fees. You will then need to arrange a direct debit for your new tariff.

4. Move smoothly over

Your new provider will notify your old one of the changes and the whole process should take just under 20 days. You won’t lose access to your energy at any point.

5. Start saving

Start enjoying your savings! And be sure to check every year or so. The energy market is constantly fluctuating and providers update their tariffs in response, so it is always worth keeping an eye out for better deals.

Looking for more ways to save this spring? Check out our blog ‘How to use less hot water and save on your bills’ for some ideas.

Alternatively, check your boiler is in top condition by arranging a boiler service. Call one of our friendly team on 0808 159 0738 or email [email protected] for more information.

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