Which combi boiler is best for my home?

Which combi boiler is best for my home?

Combi boilers or ‘combination’ boilers are the UK’s most popular type of boiler, and for good reason. They are the most energy efficient and save you money on your gas bill.

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But how do you know what type of combi boiler will work best for your home?

A combi boiler heats the whole house from one place and save space by removing the need for a separate hot water tank.

If your house is small, this is good news. And good manufacturers will stock boilers in a number of different sizes and shapes to fit.

Your combi boiler delivers hot water straight from the mains, rather than via a storage heater. As well as providing you with an unlimited supply of hot water, this means the water pressure is generally higher.

Different models of combi boiler have slightly different levels of output, making some more powerful. Depending on the size of your house and how many bathrooms you have, you may need a boiler that is slightly more powerful.

The way to find out what model of combi boiler will be suited to your home is to consult an expert. Our engineers will be able to assess your house and talk to you about how you use it in order to recommend the ideal model.

We stock boilers to meet your needs from Europe’s leading combi boiler manufacturers – Vaillant, Worcester Bosch and Vokera. Are you looking to replace your boiler with a more efficient model? Talk to one of our experts and find out which model is the perfect match for your home.

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